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2016-04-20T00:20:18+00:00 April 20th, 2016|Gadgets|
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According to the American Pet Products Association, nearly two-thirds of U.S. households, or 80 million homes, have pets. If you have a pet, keeping your furry friend happy healthy and safe is always a priority. Americans spent more than $60 billion on their pets last year, and there are hundreds of gadgets on the market to help you stay in touch with your pet. Whether you’re concerned with keeping them fed and entertained while you’re out, tracking their whereabouts if they happen to go missing, or simply monitoring their activity while you’re away, there’s a gadget for that.  Humans are no longer the only ones benefiting from high tech wearables, remotely delivered food, and video chatting with loved ones.


Wonderwoof Bow Tie Activity Monitor

The WonderWoof BowTie Activity Monitor was created to help dog owners keep their dogs mentally and physically in shape. Stay connected to your pooch via an on-collar ‘bow-tie’ wearable device. WonderWoof is a pedometer and tracker for your pet, which can be monitored by the owner with the online app. The app tracks exercise progress, sets goals for health objectives, and gives reminders about feeding, grooming, medical care and playtime. Each bow tie is 3D custom-printed, and they are available in 7 different colors to express your dog’s individuality.

$95.00, available at Wonderwoof.com


PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone

PetChatz HD is basically a videophone that allows pet owners to call and interact with their dog or cat from anywhere. This device lets you see, hear and speak to your pet. You can also provide comforting scents and give your best friend a treat with your smart phone or computer. PetChatz HD is also compatible with a newly released accessory called Paw Call – a little button that your dog or cat can press to call you. Retails for $379.99. Paw Call is sold seperately for $99. Treats & scents are also available for purchase on the PetChatz website.


Kittyo is an innovative device for cats lets you watch, speak to, play with, and record your cat when you’re away. You can even dispense treats!  Kittyo features a camera, laser, treat feeder and microphone/speaker – providing you with several different ways to entertain your feline friend until you get back home. Preorder at Kittyo.com. Retails at $249.99.

PetNet Smart Feeder

Manage feeding time, control portions, and have your pet’s food of choice delivered to your doorstep with the PetNet SmartFeeder & iOS app. This SmartFeeder can hold 5-7 lbs of food, has a machine washable stainless steel bowl and food hopper, and features a rechargeable backup battery. The PetNet SmartFeeder requires a compatible iPhone running iOS 8 or higher (not currently available for Android users). Retails for $149 at www.petnet.io.


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