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2016-06-14T19:17:22+00:00 June 14th, 2016|Security, Travel|
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What's This?

Smart Armor Safe is the personal item security solution for those on the go. We know that many of you are travelers or plan to become travelers sometime very soon, so we felt it would be a great idea to share some travel preparation tips with you. Take care of these things now, and the rest is smooth sailing!

General Travel

Always do some information gathering about the destination. You want to know about how convenient it will be to eat, rest, get medical help if needed, and commute in country. It also doesn’t hurt to know where the embassy is. Let a responsible friend or relative know your itinerary just in case. You should have a map of the area so you will not have to rely too much on the word of others on where you are at any moment.

International Travel

You must get a passport if you plan to leave the country. You even need it to visit our neighbors to the north and south of us, Canada and Mexico! Getting a passport is not very complicated, visit the US State Department’s official site for passport applications to get started. You can also find information on Visas at their website. If you plan to drive internationally, you can actually get an international driving permit from AAA that is valid almost everywhere on earth! This is the best way to make sure you are legal and capable of renting a vehicle when you arrive at your destination.

We can’t stress it enough that you need to know the more important laws in the country you are visiting. Being an American and being ignorant of local rules is not really a legal defense. Also, all justice systems abroad do not work the way ours works, so it is best to avoid trouble completely.

There may be some restrictions on items that can be brought in or taken out of your destination. Get to know these things to avoid confusion later.
Travel Packing Best Practices

Be focused on efficiency and practicality. Packing light will not only make travel easier and baggage handling more affordable, it will also minimize the risk of loss or theft. Packing light will let you focus on your trip and less on how to lug and secure everything.

If you need prescription medicine, take a little more than you need. If you are delayed for some reason, you will appreciate having the surplus. Don’t bring a lot of cash. Travelers checks, two cards, and a little cash are a safer way to pay for things when away from home. Try not to bring jewelry. If you absolutely must, the Smart Armor Safe would be a great way to protect it when you are not wearing it!

When you Fly

Never leave baggage unattended. There may actually be some people hanging around airports and train stations simply to steal. This means unattended luggage can be gone faster than you can even blink.

In Country

Always pay attention to your surroundings. Do not become paranoid and end up ruining your trip, but just know where you are, who you are with, and what people seem to be doing. This will keep you pretty safe more often than not. Never get into a vehicle with a stranger, always use a method of transport that you arranged yourself. Enjoying alcohol is fine, but never lose your wits about you. Stay sober enough to safely navigate your way in country. Also, do not draw too much attention to yourself or your valuables. If you are being robbed, don’t resist. If you have taken the advice given in this blog post, the loss will be minimal, certainly not worth the risk of something violent happening.
We at Smart Armor Tech wish you safe and happy travels!


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