Smart Cube by Smart Armor


Smart Cube is the perfect solution for securing your home and office. Whether you’re in need of a convenient way to secure your things or a college student keeping your roommates out of your personal belongings – Smart Cube is the world’s most advanced bluetooth smart lock. Smart Cube attaches to any cabinet, closet, or drawer and installs in seconds – providing protection for a lifetime. No need for keys or latches to open, the Smart Armor app is now your key, always on and always connected.

Shipping summer 2017.



Smart Cube is a bluetooth locking device and the first real solution when it comes to protecting what matters. Easily install the device to any cupboard, cabinet or drawer and sync with the Smart Armor app to turn your phone into the key. The Smart Cube will help keep cabinets, drawers, closets and etc. locked. It’s the first smart locking system that creates a truly child-proof home. With the Smart Armor app, you can restrict or grant access to:

  • Poisons
  • Pharmaceuticals/drugs (oxy, percs, etc)
  • Alcohol
  • Work files
  • Guns
  • Drawers
  • Closets
  • Cabinets
  • Sheds
  • Tool boxes
  • Car consoles
  • & more

The Smart Cube is powered by a pre-installed, easily replaceable camera battery that lasts up to two years. Mounted with double-sided tape, it can stand up to 100 pounds of force, and owners can mount it with the provided holes for additional security. Sync with the Smart Armor app – available for Apple iOS or Google Android – to open and close the lock using a unique fingerprint or passcode. Then locate your valuables, share customized access with others, and track your activation history. If someone tries to tamper with the device, it will send out an alert. In the case of a lost or dead phone, the Smart Cube can be accessed from any handset (smartphone, tablet) or computer with your unique access code.


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