No Man should Go without these 20 Gadgets

2016-05-23T23:43:27+00:00 May 23rd, 2016|Gadgets|
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What's This?

As new technology comes out every day, innovative gizmos designed to make life generally easier and enjoyable for every man are being produced. There is a wide range of options out there and there is a great gadget for every man. Going through the numerous options can, however, be quite a task. That is where we come in. We have compiled a list of the top 20 cool gadgets for men that you can use if you are looking for a great gadget to add to your collection. This list will also help you a great deal if you are looking for an ideal gadget to gift a great man in your life.

  1. Divoom Voombox
  2. This is a portable and wireless speaker that will ensure that you enjoy anything from impromptu jam sessions to great music when having outdoor parties. The speaker comes with excellent audio quality, connects easily through Bluetooth and is water resistant so you have nothing to worry about if you are holding your party on the beach.

  3. Satechi LightMate LED Flash Light
  4. This is a cool and practical emergency flashlight. The flashlight provides 5 different light modes to suit different occasions. Even better, the flashlight comes with a power bank and a USB charging port that you can use when your phone battery is low. To crown it all the flashlight is light, waterproof, and is made to work great for years.

  5. Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker
  6. This is a relatively cheap gadget that will guarantee a flawless espresso every morning. It is easy to use, fast, and one of those gadgets that will make your morning routine much simpler and enjoyable. Before you buy, make sure to check out what is whithout a doubt, the ultimate Nespresso guide on the internet. This guide will include tips for using the machines, the differences between the various Nespresso product lines, a guide on choosing the very best one for your unique needs, and reviews of their entire line of espresso products!

  7. Notion
  8. This is a home intelligent system that is able to monitor a variety of things such as water leaks and sounds in your home. You can put this system anywhere from your cabinet to your door and you will get a notification on your smartphone in case anything around these areas is detected.

  9. Sun Joe Electrical Lawn Mower
  10. This lawn mower will leave your lawns looking picture perfect. The mower is small which makes it ideal if you have a small lawn, very affordable and comes with most of the features that we look for when shopping for a compact yet efficient lawn mower.

  11. Amazon Echo
  12. This is basically a home automation solution that is ideal for those times you have your hands full or do not feel like getting up from the couch. With this device, you can control your light and most of the smart products that you have around your home. New Features are continually added to this device and things only get better every day.

  13. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Gaming Mouse
  14. If you are fond of gaming then this is the ultimate gaming mouse. The mouse comes in just the right weight and runs on charge that can sustain it for up to 30 hours. The Mouse looks cool and comes with LED light that can be set to every color that you like.

  15. Nyrius Aries Wireless HDMI Transmitter
  16. Cool, functional and fun, this best describes the Nyrius Aries wireless transmitter. With this transmitter, you can stream PS4 and Blue ray among many others into another device conveniently.

  17. Rif6 Cube
  18. This gadget allows you to project your phone with a 120-inch display. This means that you can enjoy viewing games, videos, and pictures on a larger scale when with family and friends. The gadget is highly portable which makes it ideal if you have presentations to make and is also bright and built to the highest quality.

  19. TrackR StickR
  20. This is a must have especially if you are in the habit of forgetting where you placed your keys, phone, wallet and remote control. Simply fasten this device on the item you keep on losing and use a companion app to find this item the next time you cannot find it.

  21. AirDog Auto Follow Drone

    As the name suggests this drone will follow you everywhere and capture great photos for you. If you are cycling, snowboarding, and enjoying any other outdoor activity this drone will help you capture those awesome moments. The drone can be controlled from your wrist so you do not have to worry about learning to fly a drone with this one.

  22. PlayStation VR

    If you are into gaming, then you have definitely heard about the PlayStation VR. This device works great and is much cheaper than other VR headsets available in the market today.

  23. iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

    This one makes an appearance on this list of cool gadgets for men because it is an ideal gadget for frequent tablet users. With this gadget, you will not have to draw your laptop along when you have to work on the go. You can simply use your tablet together with this keyboard to get your job done.

  24. Awair Air Quality Monitor

    This gadget will analyze the air quality around you making it easy for you take action whenever necessary. If you are particularly concerned about toxins, harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and dust in your home, this would be a great device to own.

  25. Zepp Multi-Sport Motion Sensor
  26. This monitor will help you analyze how good your swing is. It can be attached to the back of your glove and where it is able to wirelessly send relevant data to your smartphone.

  27. Koala Tablet Wall Mount

    If you enjoy binge-watching every now and then, this gadget is perfect for you. It is easy to install with no holes and screws required and can hold any type of tablet for convenient watching on a tablet.

  28. Logitech Harmony Home Control

    This is a smart remote control that is perfect for all your entertainment devices and other smart appliances in your home. This device also allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control whenever you cannot access this device.

  29. Izon Wi-Fi Video Monitor

    This is a home security device designed to make it easy to monitor what is going on at home when you are away. As long as the gadget is connected to your wireless internet at home you can view what the gadget is viewing on your smartphone whenever you are.

  30. Montar Air Wireless Charging Car Mount
    This charging car mount will ensure that your smartphone is always charged. The car mount is easy to install, rotates up to 360 degrees and comes with a comfortable base where you phone rests as it is charging.
  31. Fluance Fi70 Hi-Fi Music System
    This list of top cool gadgets for men cannot be complete without mentioning the Fluance Fi70 music system. This system comes with a powerful inbuilt amplifier, touch controls, and 6 speaker configurations. The system comes in an attractive design and this coupled with the great sound quality makes it an ideal buy for every man.
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