Find out how these business owners cut down workplace theft by 30% with 1 simple trick

2016-05-09T21:18:35+00:00 May 9th, 2016|Security|
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What's This?

As a business owner you have a lot going on . . . sales, marketing, operations and staffing present their repeated daily challenges. However, if you thought that wasn’t difficult enough, imagine being ripped off by your own team members? That’s right — they could be raiding the supply closet. Think that would never happen to your business? Think again – it happens all the time! In some cases, it costs businesses more than shoplifting.

So before you run out and buy a padlock and a chain, let’s recap common office security:

  • Computers are password protected
  • WiFi is password protected
  • Printers have an authorization code
  • Corner offices are locked
  • Snacks in the vending machine are even locked upsupply-room

What is worth more in your office? A bag of chips or potentially thousands of dollars worth of supplies? Now, you might be saying that your office supply closet has a normal door handle lock on it. The only problem with that is everyone that needs access must have a key, those keys can be lost, there is no way to monitor the last time someone was in the supply closet, and a physical keys are cumbersome and time consuming to use frequently.


Enter the Smart Cube built by Smart Armor.

SmartCube® by SmartArmor

Let’s recap what this technology offers:

  • App interface to grant and revoke access keys
  • Activity log displaying all events when the door was opened (time-stamped)
  • Keys can never be lost
  • Smart Cube automatically unlocks when you are near
  • Smart Cube automatically relocks when you leave

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