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Frequently Asked Questions:

The Smart Cube is the first smart locking solution for both home and office that will keep your important and dangerous possessions secure.
The Smart Cube will help keep cabinets, drawers, closets and etc. locked. It’s the first smart locking system that creates a true child-proofed home. Keep poisons, pharmaceuticals/drugs (oxy, percs, etc), alcohol, work files, guns, drawers, closets, cabinets, sheds, tool boxes, car counsels, etc.
The device can withstand up to 100lbs of force via 3M tape.
The Smart Cube is powered by camera battery.
The battery that is pre-installed will last 1-2 years, then simply replace with a CR2 battery.
The Smart Cube measures in at 1.25in X 1.25in.
Yes – Smart Cube can integrate into any home network via API (Nest, Kwikset, Phillips Hue, etc).
The lock itself is constructed using a fiber-infused ABS polycarbonate blend, which makes it simultaneously lightweight and durable. The Smart Cube is capable of withstanding 100 pounds of force.
The smart cube will retail for $89-$99, but Indiegogo backers will get the device for $49-$69 (depending on package).

Pre-orders will ship summer 2017.

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