Don’t be Foolish! Learn Geocaching Etiquette

2016-06-20T23:20:16+00:00 June 20th, 2016|Tech News|
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What's This?

Of course you want to rush right out and get on with the fun of finding geocache locations and letting others know you were there. That really is wonderful but there are some basic guidelines that most seasoned geocachers feel are best to follow. Included is a well produced video listing the most important best practices for geocaching and how best to perform them.

We particularly like the advice about keeping safety in mind and remembering how you may appear to “muggles” in the area who do not know what you are doing. Any activity outdoors has some risks but those can be greatly done away with by employing some common sense and the experiences of others. Have a great time on the geocache hunt!

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