10 Gadgets We Loved at CES 2016

2016-01-30T22:42:05+00:00 January 30th, 2016|Gadgets, Tech News|
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Technology and gadgets take center stage every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, and every year we’re introduced to a wide variety of innovative devices and advanced solutions. Each company that unveils it’s newest products at CES is aiming to take consumer electronics use to another level; from mobile phones, drones, robots and wearables, to electric vehicles and booting up the home. Here are 10 of our favorite gadgets from this year’s show.

CHiP Robotic Dog


WowWee is a company that is well known for its robotic toys, which include MiP, Miposaur and Robosapien. They recently unveiled their latest project: a robot dog named CHiP. CHiP is short for Canine Home Intelligent Pet. The robotic dog can fetch, play, attack and sleep. CHiP comes with SmartBand technology that can be used to train him to behave and do tricks. The band also helps him identify and recognize his owner. WowWee says the robot can respond to gesture-based interactions including swipes, claps and touches. Chip retails at $199.  chipk9.com

Wisewear Smart Bracelet


Legendary designer Iris Apfel’s WiseWear smart jewelry line consists of water-resistant brass bracelets, plated in either 18-karat gold or silver-white rhodium. They come in three styles—the Calder, the Duchess or the Kingston. the smart bracelet is equipped with smartphone notifications, including vibrations for calls, texts, emails and calendar reminders. It also features activity tracking (steps, calories burned, distance, sleep, active minutes) and a one-tap distress signal. The Wisewear Smart Bracelets are compatible with both iOS and Android phones. Pre-orders are expected to ship this autumn. Starts at $295. wisewear.com

Sleep Number IT Bed


Sleep Number says their new IT bed was designed to make customers “smarter, healthier and happier.” The new Sleep Number IT bed boasts a number of high-tech features, including biometric sensors that record your sleeping patterns, as well as a companion app that includes recommendations to get a better night’s rest. Starting around $1,000. Coming summer 2016. itbed.sleepnumber.com/it

Hunter Smart Fans


Hunter unveiled two smart ceiling fans at CES, the plastic Symphony and the wooden Signal. The fans work in sync with Apple’s HomeKit automation system, and they can be programmed to turn on the fan or the lights when you arrive home. They can also simulate activity by turning on and off when you’re away from home, and even works with HomeKit compatible thermostats to turn on in order to keep your air conditioning costs down. And, of course, HomeKit means you can control these fans with your iPhone or Siri. Both fans will retail for less than $400 and be available late February. hunterfan.com/HunterConnects

Sensorwake Alarm Clock


Sensorwake, a French startup company, offers an alarm clock that works by releasing delicious and familiar scents rather than sounds. When the alarm goes off, a hatch in the Sensorwake clock opens and gradually diffuses a solvent-free, air quality compliant fragrance. In pilot tests, everyone who tried the device woke up within two minutes. In case you have a stuffy nose, the Sensorwake also has an audio alarm that will turn on after three minutes. Each scent is contained in a rectangular capsule which is 100% recyclable. There are currently 15 scents available. Each capsule has a lifespan of 30 awakenings and can be purchased on the Sensorwake website. Retails for $99. sensorwake.com

Hydrao Smart Showerhead

52e6054ea379674536a71d62feab08faHydrao is a smart shower head that lights up in different colors to indicate how much water you’ve used. The user can set colors and water limits with a smartphone app that is compatible with iPhone or Android. Best of all, Hydrao is powered entirely by the water running through it, so there’s no need for batteries. Hydrao is expected to retail for $100 and be available early next year. hydrao.fr/en/

First Alert Onelink Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Onelink is a HomeKit compatible smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Beyond being a simple alarm, it lets you monitor problems in your home through your iPhone no matter where you are — and also lets you know current temperature and humidity in the house. This alarm sends you notifications in the event of a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency, and you can also test and silence false alarms on your iPhone or iPad. The Onelink’s 10 year sealed battery backup is another appealing feature – no costly battery replacements for the life of the alarm and no low battery chirps in the middle of the night. OneLink retails for $149.95. firstalert.com/onelink

Vivitar Speaker Smartbulb



The Vivitar 2-in-1 LED Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb, a multi-colored LED light bulb that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Simply screw the light bulb into any standard light bulb socket – then stream music wirelessly to the ‘speaker bulb’ from any Bluetooth-enabled device and change the lighting to suit your mood using the downloadable app. Choose from warm white illumination or red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and purple LEDs. The bulb retails for $49.99.  vivitar.com



GrillBot is exactly what it sounds like – a robot that automatically cleans your dirty grill. Retailing at $129, the GrillBot has three replaceable metal bristles that help it both clean and move around your grill. It also features a 10, 20, or 30 minute cleaning cycle. If needed, you can also run multiple cycles back-to-back. The GrillBot has has perfomed amazingly on most grills on the market. GrillBot has a rechargeable battery, three electric motors, and an LCD alarm and timer. grillbots.com


Belty Good Vibes


Belty is a high-end wellness belt that brings together fashion, health and technology. The company says that this smart belt was created with technologies that help reinforce a healthy lifestyle for it’s users through everyday activity. The belt and its companion app are more than a fashion accessory- it promotes activity, challenges the wearer to increase their amount of activity daily, counts steps, encourages relaxation and remains in tune with the user’s body.

Belty is available to pre-order now with prices starting at $395. Emiota expects to start shipping by December 2016. Wearbelty.com

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