Bluetooth Technology Created a New Era

2015-05-08T19:40:37+00:00 May 8th, 2015|Tech News|
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Bluetooth Technology is a global wireless standard enabling, secure connectivity for an expanding range of devices and services that offer an essential element to stay connected with your every day gadgets. Bluetooth Technology (BT) was created by Ericsson in 1994 as a wireless communication that was originally conceived as an alternative to RS-232 data cables. BT exchanges data over short distances using radio transmission, therefore allowing the internet of things (IoT) to be mobile by utilizing radio waves to send and receive information over shorter distances (Bluetooth Facts). This technology has been used in vehicles, cell phones, medical devices, and much more.

BT was originally created to eliminate cables, headsets, etc but has since advanced creating more possibilities by allowing you to connect multiple devices. It is now used in the fitness markets to determine fitness levels, used in cars to retrieve diagnostics, and can also connect to ipads, smart phones, and PCs to make calls, texts, and even dinner reservations. BT has advanced with time and the use of smart phones has contributed to this success, as many of us don’t leave home without one.  With this new wave of energy and the evolution that BT has helped established, anything is almost possible. You are now able to watch an array of services all by utilizing BT that is connected to the palm of your hand. By now, you are probably asking how can this benefit me, but of course you aren’t fully thinking about the items that you may be using already that utilizes this technology. For example let’s look at your fit band, your BT earpiece, or even the mechanisms for security, such as door locks.

Smart Armor is one of these great advances that utilize the BT technology and its capabilities. It was originally created out of necessity in 2013 to solve the fundamental issue with prescription medication management, but has evolved utilizing this patent pending technology to protect what matters.

Smart Armor is a Bluetooth enabled micro-locking security platform. Smart Armor helps solve the fundamental need for personal security, by empowering consumers to lock, track, and find their valuables using their smart device (phone, tablet, and computer). They have coupled Bluetooth door locking technology with global Beacon locating capabilities to help secure the internet of things. Smart Armor is pioneering the carryable (carry-able) technology market.

Smart Armor is a patented relationship between software/firmware/hardware for a Bluetooth enabled, mobile app driven, switch system that secures, monitors and controls locking systems, by entering an encrypted biometric data input, or an alphanumeric sequence input into a paired smart device. So, why is Bluetooth technology the new era because it secures, monitors and controls while protecting your valuables. Protect What Matters by Pre-Ordering your Smart Armor device today!

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