Become an Airbnb Master with these Simple Tips

2016-07-29T21:34:33+00:00 July 29th, 2016|Security, Travel|
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By now, everyone has heard of the “sharing economy”, and every day, millions of new people decide to take part in it. There are many great reasons why everyone should take advantage of how technology is changing the way we all do business and consume things. For some, it is the added convenience that apps provide; for others, more personal and less corporate entities are the preferred vendor to make purchases with. Who doesn’t like being able to charge your phone while sitting on all leather seats in the back of an Uber driver’s car? It certainly beats taking the taxi.

The sharing economy actually allows consumers to experience what used to be very premium experiences in a more affordable way. There is no greater example of this than Airbnb. This San Francisco company began as a way to rent a simple air mattress on the floor of the founders’ apartment, but soon it began to allow travelers to experience the comforts and luxuries of home without paying the kinds of rates you would expect to pay for similar accommodations at a hotel. Another awesome thing is that services like Airbnb allow everyone to earn some fast cash on their own terms. You no longer have to keep a 9 to 5 job. Ride share drivers can work on their own schedule and home sharers can earn passive income. This is truly a game changer!

Airbnb has been around for several years now, so there are some best practices that have become apparent to the very best hosts. Are you thinking of renting out some of your own space? If you want to maximize your income and the experience, visit this amazingly detailed site for lots of time-tested methods to succeed in the sharing economy as an Airbnb host. Follow the right path and it won’t be long before you are an Airbnb Superhost!


Securing an extra, passive stream of income for yourself through Airbnb could make it so that you have all the resources you need to purse your passions, whether they be traveling, volunteering, or art. There are a few concerns you should take into consideration and the wonderful resource linked in today’s blog post will help with most of those concerns. One concern you may have is how to secure personal items and sensitive spaces within a home that you wish to rent out from time-to-time but still reside in yourself the rest of the time. The Smart Armor Cube is the smart locking device that improves the security of many lockable structures found in and around the home and even vehicles. Once you install a Smart Armor Cube into say, a medicine cabinet, you can not only lock the cabinet but also monitor it via an app on your smart phone. This would be a perfect help to anybody hosting on sites like Airbnb where you may want to restrict access to certain parts of the home. Check it out here.

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