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Smart Armor’s Bluetooth LE infused security locks are integrated into consumer goods.

Introducing the world’s most innovative mobile empowered locking system for personal products. Locate your valuables, share access to others, track your activation history. Collect data and provide analytics all while providing personal security on the go. Smart Armor® is a patented relationship between software/firmware/hardware for a Bluetooth enabled, mobile app driven, switch system. The locking system is activated by entering an encrypted biometric data input, or an alphanumeric sequence input into a paired smart device.

Secure. Monitor. Control.

When most of us have a friend who gets sick, we’ll send a card, go and visit them, and maybe offer to pick up their groceries or feed their pet. Justin Zastrow, CEO of Smart Armor, invented an entire gadget to help out.

“A buddy of mine that had to take heart medication ended up in hospital,” he told Digital Trends. “I started developing a little locked medicine box for his pills to be stored in, which could be unlocked using a phone. At some point, there was an ‘aha!’ moment and I realized that we should really be building portable locks, where the phone becomes your key.”

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/smartcube-smart-lock/#ixzz4PYcBLo5q

$332,790 USD raised by 2341 backers with arrow_indiegogo_partner_lockup_horizontal_forlp

In September 2016, Smart Armor launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 for it’s first product, Smart Cube – a tiny Bluetooth-enabled locking device controlled via mobile app that can secure cabinets, drawers, doors, or anything else that closes. If you haven’t already become a backer, please check out the Smart Cube and all the options for supporting its production. See what so many others have been impressed by for yourself!

The Smart Armor team

Justin Zastrow
Justin ZastrowCEO
Justin has an extremely diverse business development background that highlights his strengths within concept creation, software integration and corporate execution. He has built, sold, and licensed several companies throughout his career, and his entrepreneurial and business management education from University Wisconsin Whitewater has helped his ventures to build platforms, engage partnerships, and forge syndication.
Ira Hayes
Ira HayesCOO
Ira Hayes is a military veteran with over 10 years experience in government contracting and project management. He currently holds a master’s degree in project management from Embry Riddle, a bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy in aeronautic engineering, and is a Ph.D candidate in organizational psychology.
Bill Birgen
Bill BirgenVP Engineering
Bill Birgen has a dual Bachelor’s of Science in Physics & Mathematics. He also has 27 years experience as a mechanical systems and component design-engineer and program manager. Recently, he filled the role as a principal systems engineer on what will be the largest aircraft in the world, ever, the Stratolaunch.
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