7 Things Revolutionizing Home Security

2016-05-09T19:57:57+00:00 May 9th, 2016|Security|
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The state of technology has seen a gradual advancement over the past few years, which has had a great impact on how we safeguard our homes. The events that only occurred in science-fiction movies are now a reality. Wireless technology is paving the way to an entirely new face of home security with high-tech wireless systems replacing the hard-wired alarms. Such systems are flexible, easier to install, and portable. The digital transformation is now evident in our homes as the information below will show you.

1. Smart Door Locking Systems

smart lockSmart locks are among the best inventions of home security technology, owed to their inbuilt capability of detecting a person’s presence automatically. They unlock a door using a Bluetooth feature on your mobile device or a key fob. The best technological door locks are also capable of connecting to a home’s automation system when you are away to send information to other devices like a smart thermostat, which then enters into the energy-saving mode.

Although Bluetooth locks have a higher security level compared to Wi-Fi locks, their features are fewer. Wi-Fi locks are known to have more functionality including the ability to detect whether a door is closed or open in real-time. Unfortunately, the fact that they use the Internet means that they are more susceptible to security breaches online.

 2. Remote Monitoring

remote monitoringThis invention of home security technology is an excellent way of making sure your home is safe when you aren’t around. You can still get real-time photos and videos even while you are enjoying your vacation several miles away. The most popular features present in the current monitoring systems include the capability of arming and disarming the security system, streaming the feeds from security cameras and sending intrusion or fire alerts. All these functionalities work collaboratively to ensure that your home gets maximal security at all times.

3. Fingerprint Scanning

finger print scannerThe use of fingerprint scanners was at one time a futuristic fantasy only seen in sci-fi movies. However, it is now a reality, and readily available to any person from any given socioeconomic background. All required is a smart mobile phone or tablet. Regardless of the fact that technology is still budding, the devices used for fingerprint scanning are gaining momentum rapidly. The use of fingerprint door locks is also common in the current technological age, and they could serve as a perfect replacement to the mentioned Bluetooth or Wi-Fi door locks.

4. Smart Garage System

smart garage door openerIt is now incredibly easy to control your garage using the smart parking systems. Such a system is easy to operate since you only need to plug an adapter into your home router followed by registration of the unit through a provider. You can then use the application for controlling your garage door using your Android or iOS device. In this way, only you can allow people to enter or exit your garage when you aren’t at home. By installing this smart system, you won’t need to hide your key under that rock anymore. The systems can also inform you the period within which your garage door is left open as well as motion sensors for protecting pets or young children who might be playing in the garage. Hence, they play a fundamental role in minimizing parking accidents.

5. Full Home Automation Systems

This system is a great way of transforming your home from a simple one to a smart home. Complete automation systems for your home are also among the best home security technology features. Such systems give you the ability to control lights, locks, security cameras and thermostats by just clicking on your tablet or Smartphone. The best part of it is that it isn’t obligatory for you to be around your home to do all the mentioned tasks.

6. Smart Cameras

cctv cameraInstalling a smart camera is one of the surest ways of ensuring that everything you have worked hard to achieve including your home is safe. Some of the key merits of home security cameras include the ease associated with installation; they are cheap as well as smarter than ever. The fact that modern cameras have an inbuilt wireless connectivity means that you can quickly receive live feeds showing all that is happening within your home. It is also possible to save the feeds in question to the cloud for you to review them in future or when the need arises.

7. Home Sensors

Currently, several home security kits that automatically sense when you close or open the door exist. You can install these sensors on windows or doors and use winks, waves, and motion detection to establish your identity. You only need your tablet or phone to control the installed home sensors. Moreover, some sensor kits have the ability to detect motion in rooms and hallways. When armed, your smart device will get an email or text notification of the action triggers. It means that you will get an alert immediately any person tries to break in. The majority of the home sensors also have indoor sirens as a feature to provide audio and visual alerts in case of a trigger or danger.

The information above shows you that with your smart home, you can do several things such as remotely arming and disarming your security system, monitoring and adjusting your thermostat, and controlling your electric appliances. You can also get the real-time phone, email or text notifications of any suspicious events as well as watch a live surveillance video via a web-enabled device. It is therefore not surprising that the modern home security firms are transforming rapidly to integrate home automation fully as one of the primary services.

Future Implications

It is clear that Americans find home security to be of the utmost importance, and any advance in security technology is sure to be quickly adopted by the public at large. It was only a few years back when only the futuristic movies showed the smart home technology. Now, home automation is not only a reality but also a business that is growing at such a rapid pace. According to Ingersoll Rand, a well-known home security manufacturer, in the next few years, the industry will advance to more than 2.5 billion dollars. It will see a massive growth of 30 percent in the homes that will have automation systems. Another important aspect is that the technology powering home automation will improve and expand rapidly regarding its application and scope. Hence, the future is clearly geared toward embracing home security technology.

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