5 Home Security Tips that Thieves Hate

2016-05-19T20:19:38+00:00 May 19th, 2016|Security|
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Even with tight metal doors, sensitive alarms, angry dogs or any other thing that may scare the life out of a normal human being, a burglar will always find a way to get in. That’s one fact thousands of average Americans have to live with. The worst part is, they don’t come for your 10-dollar jewelry, a few bucks or anything much cheaper. They target your most valuable assets, and if they have time, they will take everything worth a penny. You can’t afford not to know these 5 home security tips!

One question you should ask yourself is, how do burglars choose the houses they break into? Obviously, they hate getting caught and they hate working too hard. They choose houses that are easy to get into, steal something and get out of without attracting any attention.

For this to happen, they need a green light from you, but you won’t even know that you made the call. It is all about the simple things you ignore that encourage them. One ugly truth is you won’t know that they are targeting you; meaning that you have to be watchful at all times. The good news is you don’t have to spend millions to secure your premises. If you can use the 5 home security tips I’m going to show you, your home will never be a target. Here are the tricks:

    1. Let them know you have an active alarm system

home security tipsWhen it comes to scaring off burglars, nothing works better than an alarm, but not when used the wrong way. One thing you must always keep in mind is that an alarm won’t physically prevent anything from happening. Since an alert to the police will still take minutes to be answered, the alarm is primarily a psychological weapon. If you can’t remember to put it on, then it is as good as nothing. Even if you remember to turn it on, there are those burglars who will meander their way in by retrieving your passcode, and some may not even care about triggering the alarm as long as they think they will be fast to get away with your property. Still, in a numbers game, having an alarm makes your house less attractive to thieves than your neighbors’.

In short, alarms don’t prevent a thief from breaking into your house but can reduce the chances. The only way to ensure your alarm serves its purpose fully is to let the burglar know that it is there and functional. One way you can achieve this is by putting up a notice of some sort that shows the name of the alarm company. By doing this, you will be reducing the chances of your house becoming a target.

    1. Don’t share sensitive information with everybody

Social media icons on smartphoneSocial media has changed everything. Unlike the past when only a few fortunate ones had access to internet enabled devices, practically everyone can now share any information with all their friends. You can tell them about your plans to take a vacation and when you will get back and more simply because it feels good. That’s the good part. The bad part is, the rest of your followers might be planning to steal from you.

Social sites are full of hackers, burglars and all sorts of criminals that are trying to figure out how to steal something from you. If you are not careful with how you share sensitive information, then chances that they’ll take advantage of your mistakes are not exactly remote. It doesn’t matter how badly you want your friends to know your whereabouts. Keep sensitive information to yourself.

    1. Invest in a better lock

kwikset-kevo-510pxIn the past, keeping your house key on the door frame or leaving it under your doormat wasn’t a major security concern, but those old tricks are known now. It may be more convenient, but you will wish for that inconvenience when you come back home and realize that thousands of dollars worth of your stuff is gone without a trace.

Unless you have a neighbor willing to keep it for you, it is never wise to keep an additional key on your property. If you have more than one key, find a safe place to keep it. If you can, keep it in a place far away from your property and away from people who know where your house is located. However, if you are looking for a better way to do away with all the possibilities of anyone getting into your house, you can invest in a fingerprint or a keypad door lock.

    1. Keep the lights on at night

security-lighting-installation-electricians-huntsvilleBurglars prefer breaking into your house at night. What they are always trying to do is, avoid being detected. Despite the fact that several burglaries take place at daytime, darkness offers them a chance to break into your house, steal something and escape without being noticed. The only way to ensure they don’t think about robbing you at night is to install a lighting that lights the whole night.

A burglar who is planning to steal from you even with the lights on is not different from the one that breaks into your house during the day. Besides, lighting will make it harder for the burglar to tell whether you are gone or not. You can try and install some lights outside your house, in the pathways, entries or anywhere accessible. Ensure that they are bright enough to highlight all the details of a burglar. Set up a timer so that they light up immediately it becomes dark.

  1. Install a strong and heavy door and window with a proper functioning lock

Steel-Security-Doors-JC-FB6085-The only way to ensure that a burglar doesn’t get into your house even with the lights and alarms on is to stop them physically, and nothing does this better than a strong door or a window. You don’t need a door or a window that a burglar can kick or disable a lock to get in. You need a door made of metal or wood, heavy-duty, and that features a deadbolt set having a dead latch.

A door like this will hold properly and give a burglar who is trying to break in a hard time, which is against most burglar’s agenda. Even if a burglar can make it past your alarm sign or lights, you are never worried that he will break into your house and steal your expensive stuff. You should also ensure that the keypad locks properly.

These Home Security Tips will Make Thieves Look Elsewhere

A burglar will do anything to break into your house and steal your stuff. They will monitor your whereabouts or try to retrieve your sensitive information just to get into your house. They never care if it is day time or night time. What matters a lot to them is your seriousness in keeping them out. Unless you don’t mind replacing any of your items when they get stolen, you should not give them a chance. Take each and every step needed to keep burglars away seriously. Never share your sensitive information, install a better lock and a door, keep your lights on at night and last but not least, let them know that you care about your property. With the five home security tips above, no one will ever think of breaking into your home.

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