2017 Tech We Just Gotta Get our Hands On!

By | December 30th, 2016|Gadgets|

As we begin a new year, we can’t help but look forward to all the great new technology we will get to try out. 2017 is poised to be a crossroads for several major tech companies as Samsung looks to

Amazon Echo’s Alexa is your Holiday Shopping Hero

By | November 19th, 2016|Gadgets, Shopping|

Our hat’s off to c|net for this cool update… Everyone looking to tackle their holiday shopping and save some money in the process can look to their trusty home automation device from Amazon for help. From now until December, Alexa

Tech can Save Your Child from a Hot Car Death!

By | September 21st, 2016|Gadgets, Security|

On September 15th, the House of Representatives met over the introduction of new legislation regarding the phenomenon of children being tragically left in hot cars by absent minded or careless parents. The Helping Overcome Trauma for Children Alone in Rear

2016 Home Tech Trends Changing the Way We Live

By | September 1st, 2016|Gadgets, Tech News|

Home automation is inevitable. It has been in its simplified, piecemeal phase for decades since we have had clock timers on ovens, but finally some exciting things are beginning to happen in this space. Lately, Google has been absorbing several

Your Children are in Danger without this Device

By | June 29th, 2016|Gadgets, Security|

Obviously no parent wants to leave potentially dangerous prescription medications where children may access them. Still, we need our pills to be available to us for timely usage. There are many products out there which aim to make keeping a

Nothing says “I Love Dad” like a Duct Tape Wallet

By | June 18th, 2016|Gadgets|

Well, it is that time of the year when we honor the fathers and father figures in our lives. They gave us life, they taught us how to ride a bike, and we repay them with some very last minute

The Definititve History on the Cigarette Case

By | June 8th, 2016|Gadgets|

The original purpose of the cigarette case was to protect those fragile cigarettes from being crushed when carried in a pocket. They very quickly, however, evolved from utilitarian accessories to elaborate fashion pieces. Most cigarette cases are flat boxes that

The World’s Coolest Business Card Holder

By | June 6th, 2016|Gadgets|

Business card holders – who really puts a lot of thought into these? Well, people who work in offices certainly do. Patrick Bateman most certainly does. If you are in a sales capacity, I can’t imagine you not keeping a

No Man should Go without these 20 Gadgets

By | May 23rd, 2016|Gadgets|

As new technology comes out every day, innovative gizmos designed to make life generally easier and enjoyable for every man are being produced. There is a wide range of options out there and there is a great gadget for every

Why Every Home Needs A Smart Doorbell

By | May 5th, 2016|Gadgets, Security|

When it’s late at night and someone rings your doorbell, it can be concerning...particularly if you're home alone and not expecting any visitors. Without actually getting up and going to the door, you have no way of knowing who's there. A smart doorbell is a worthwhile investment

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