Smart Armor – Protect What Matters.

Securing The Internet of Things

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Smart Armor™ is the world ‘s first portable security platform, customizable for your own brand interface.

We deliver personal protection to your consumer products by offering unprecedented levels of security and accountability, with BT low energy technology. 

“Protect What Matters ” when, where, and with whom ever you choose.

Smart Armor™ is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled portable locking system.

  • Download the free Smart Armor mobile app

  • Connect with your locked device

  • Establish your personal 4 digit pin code

 Smart Armor™ is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled portable locking system.


  • Know your customer in “Real Time”

  • Usable Analytics

  • Logistics Tracking

  • Push Notifications for Advertising

  • Eliminate Counterfeiting


  • Locate your valuables

  • Share access to others

  • Track your activation history

  • Collect data and provide analytics

  • Provide personal security on the go


Get real time information and cloud analytics from your users.

Smart Armor ‘s cloud infrastructure can scale to millions of individual users and support millions of devices. The Smart Armor platform connects beacon based locking devices and software to to many other cloud services through API and white label capabilities.

Smart Armor™ is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled portable locking system.


Never charge your battery again!

Smart Armor allows the your smart mobile device (phone/tablet/wearable) to provide portable “security on the go” through Bluetooth Low Energy.  Longer battery life and robust security, makes the Smart Armor application an incredible protection enhancement in your daily life.


Use any phone and/or smart device to connect to all your consumer products.

Smart Armor Integrated solutions offer robust functionality, features, security and customizable privacy. Smart Armor uses top notch bluetooth beacon technology, industry-leading security technology, triple data encryption, and communication to ensure every byte and request are handled the way they were intended.


Modernize your product line.

Smart Armor’s software/firmware/hardware application provides the security features that consumers demand. Whatever size business you have, the Smart Armor solution supports a range of platforms and services, connecting your business to the Internet of Things.


Integrate into your consumers daily habits.

With over 6 Billion smart devices in the world today, Smart Armor empowers consumers and business alike through phones, tablets and wearables. Smart Armor delivers unparalleled performance and visual stimulation all at the palm of your hand.
Utilizing drastically improved battery life, it ‘s possible to go even longer without changing the batteries.


Smart Armor™ is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled portable locking system.
Smart Armor is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled portable locking system.


Justin Zastrow
Justin ZastrowCEO
Justin Zastrow is a proven leader with an extensive background in business development, marketing, mobile apps. He currently holds several patents within the mobile industry. His ability to strategize, implement, and oversee objectives led him to initiate an idea that quickly became a reality – Smart Armor.
Ira Hayes
Ira HayesCOO
Ira Hayes is a military veteran with over 10 years experience in government contracting and project management. He currently holds a master’s degree in project management from Embry Riddle, a bachelor’s degree from the Air Force Academy in aeronautic engineering, and is a Ph.D candidate in organizational psychology.
Bill Birgen
Bill BirgenCTO
Bill Birgen has a dual Bachelor’s of Science in Physics & Mathematics. He also has 27 years experience as a mechanical systems and component design-engineer and program manager. Recently, he filled the role as a principal systems engineer on what will be the largest aircraft in the world, ever, the Stratolaunch.

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